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Welcome to .  Why .info? Because this site is dedicated to providing the knife enthusiast with as much "information" as possible about knives and other types of cutlery.                                

We provide links to websites of knife makers and eveything needed to produce knives and related items, dealers, manufacturers, and auctions.                                   

There are links to articles about many subjects, including how-to videos. The Knife Gallery is constantly growing. Check it out often.   
We hope this site will enhance your experience whether you are a collector, knifemaker, or just want to learn more about all things sharp.
You are encouraged to visit often and if you enjoy your visit , please add us to your Favorites list.

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Many of the sites listed throughout these pages offer technical advice and training. Their photo galleries can be informative too. 
Makers of  "Custom" one-of-a-kind knives, swords, tomahawks, axes, razors, and other sharp items.  Some also do production work.

Production lines of items. Some will also do "Custom" work by order. 

Makers of both Custom and Manufactured swords, including many other items used for stage props, training, and re-enactment.

Makers of both Custom and Manufactured throwing knives and other items popular with knife throwers. 

Purveyors of Custom, Production, and Antique cutlery of all types. Some sell it all.

Custom Cutlery

Production Cutlery

Antique Cutlery

Wholesalers of all types of cutlery. Start your own business

Equipment and supplies for the knife maker and the shop

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This is another web-site for the survivalist, outdoorsman, and camping enthusiast. 

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